Water Front Living

Sarasota is known internationally for its world famous beaches – Siesta Key was voted #1 beach in the USA two years in a row!
There are gorgeous water front properties that have been built along the gulf for all price ranges. Whether you want to be in a condo overlooking the ocean, a large property with a private beach or a cute low maintenance villa – there are options for everyone.

Living on the water is great but there are definitely some things you should know before purchasing property. Here are some tips of what questions to ask when looking at waterfront.

1. What is the depth of the water. If you have a boat, or plan to use a boat from your home, it’s important to know the depth of water. The depth of water fluctuates depending on the tide, so it’s important to talk to someone who is knowledgeable about tide changes in the area.
2. Which way is my home facing? The Sarasota area has many channels in the which are beautiful, however can also mean that many houses are facing in multiple directions. If you are wanting to have a clear view of the sunset, then ensuring that your property is facing west is important.
3. Sea Wall – ensure you ask the agent or a person with specialized knowledge about the sea wall and what maintenance (if any) is coming up.

Walkway to the beach image

Living on the water can be one of the best decisions you make and here are some of the highlights…

1. Boat access – if you have a boat, there are plenty of homes that offer a personal dock which gives you the freedom to take the boat out at your leisure. There are also limited deep water boat docks
2. Views, views, views – imagine waking up in the morning to the view of the sparkling water while hearing the sound of waves in the background….the views that people pay a lot of money each year to vacation to.
3. Water front restaurants and activities – Lady Sarasota and her islands have amazing water front restaurants that provide top notch culinary options, all while keeping the beach town vibe. Here are a couple of our favorite:
Dry Dock Waterfront Grill – with a large outdoor patio perfect for watching the sunset, this restaurant is sure to impress. Their lobster tacos are always a hit!
Old Salty Dog – having a day out on the boat and feel like a beer and seafood? Then this is the place for you – with an area to tie up your boat, it provides the perfect atmosphere