Preparing your home for a 2019 sale

Are you hoping to sell your home this season? Well then, now is the time to prepare and get a hold of a real estate agent.

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1. First Call a local Realtor. You can start with http://www.kurvinresidential.com which is a great group of local Sarasota Realtors that are smiling and waiting for your call. Your agent should review your home and discuss with you the best areas of your house that you need to focus when prepping to sell. The Realtors goal will be to bring your highest and best value with least amount of money to spend. WE often see sellers put their money in places that have literally no effect at all on the urge to sell the home. The buyer does not see the money or effort the seller put in and it becomes a total waste. Do not fret, call your Realtor. They will help you step by step.


2. Clean like you have never cleaned before. You are selling your house right? Then start packing. I like to call it the “pre-pack”, that is right. The “pre-pack” is where you pack the first layer of items from your home and put those boxes in the garage and start cleaning. These are typically decor items that you don’t need to use on a consistent basis. Moving is a time in your life where you kinda pause on other things in life and focus on this move. It is a big deal. It takes time and effort. So, to make it easier on yourself, “Pre-Pack!”

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3. Paint! It is necessary. Not everyone likes your green, brown, blue, red, orange colors in your house. Buyers need to be able to see what the space could look like with their stuff and their color palette. Therefore, PAINT!!!! Pick a very neutral creme or light gray that can go with a multitude of color schemes. This really helps the brain to envision more in the space.

4. De-Clutter. Yup this is the hard one. You do not need all of the items that are currently in your home.You don’t, I promise. Cleaning out the second phase and de-cluttering is crucial. The large furniture can go. Move into the garage. Go down to your basics and prepare to put your home on the market. This is HUGE HUGE HUGE!!!! Take a look at some homes that are on the market now. Do you see the difference between those pictures that are clean and fresh with little furniture and the other homes that are dark, a ton of furniture and terrible pictures? Yes big difference huh. There is a reason there are professional Realtors and not so professional Realtors. Professional Realtors know how to get a home sold and it doesn’t mean just taking photos with their iphone and throwing them on the MLS. NO NO NO NO NO. IF you EVER see a Realtor whip out their iPhone to take photos of your home going on the market in a multi million dollar market such as this one, kick them out. Nobody has time for that. Professional photos are HUGE. You are paying your Realtor a lot of money and professional photos should come in their marketing package. De-cluttering will make all the difference as to time and price of your home on the market.

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5. Light staging is a big deal. You need a fresh stage from another perspective. Even though you love your living arrangement maybe their is a better setup to make it flow better with photos and for those buyers that cannot see past what you already have in the house. A light stage is a big bonus for you and is necessary.

6. Price is huge. Your listing price will make all the difference. Do not be cocky. Your home will have comps. You have to review them and know where you stand with your pricing. Have your agent show you how to do this. It is huge! Especially in Sarasota, Florida where there is so much competition. All of this will add up to a great sale for you and a big move in your life.

Exciting but, make sure you are prepared! Happy Selling!