Kurvin Residential Hurricane Supply Checklist

Kurvin Residnetial Hurricane Supply Checklist

Are You Ready For Hurricane Season?


Hurricane Season officially began May 20, 2019. The most active month for hurricanes is September and it looks like we’re right on schedule with the arrival of Hurricane Dorian! Floridians are no strangers to these powerful storms and whether living through a direct hit or traveling across the state to witness the aftermath, everyone can agree it’s an unstoppable force of nature.


Be Prepared!


Florida has the recognition of the most direct hits by hurricanes, because of this there is an excellent emergency response plan in place. If you’ve found yourself scrambling for supplies, you’re not alone. Below is a comprehensive checklist to prepare for the event of a hurricane and this is a great checklist for anyone to have. Visit FloridaDisaster.org for more information to plan & prepare.


Download the Checklist


Hurricane Supply Checklist
Hurricane Supply Checklist


Hurricane Information for Sarasota


Sarasota has been relatively untouched by direct hurricane landfall but we’re still at risk of power outages and flooding. Our local government is organized and ready to assist us in times of need. For more information, select an image below to find local Sarasota Resources for storm safety.






Be prepared if a hurricane does make landfall. If you live in an area that has been ordered to evacuate, please go. There are rare occasions when evacuation seems impossible but your safety is more valuable to your community, friends, and family. Wind speed and flying debris are destructive but flooding, that results from heavy rainfall, is often the most dangerous part of hurricane season. Please share this checklist with friends and family and stay safe for the remainder of the hurricane season.


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