Kurvin Residential Fall Home Checklist

Fall is here! Sure, stores have had Halloween candy stocked for a month, but there’s nothing like being prepared. Funny memes aside and despite all our bragging, Florida does have a change in seasons. We do get frost and freezes and on occasion it’s even snowed.


With such a subtle transition from Summer to Fall, it’s easy to forget about something as easy as a routine home inspection. It doesn’t take long and you can perform practically every task on our checklist yourself.


We’ve broken the checklist down between exterior and interior. A few of these items require a ladder and cutting tools. If you do decide to complete any of the tasks yourself, we recommend having an assistant along for safety and to fetch the occasional snack!


Let’s Start Outside


Starting outside be sure to trim all vegetation and tree branches away from the roof. Tree limbs can cause a lot of damage that is completely avoidable. If you insist on trimming branches yourself take a look at Arbor.org for more detailed information on correctly pruning a tree. Leaves and pine needles build up quickly trapping moisture leading to a snowball of problems. Be sure to check your gutters and keep them free of any debris that does get trapped in them. Clear around the downspout making sure water runs away from the foundation.



Check for damage, in general. If you have a chimney or any type of brick façade, inspect for loose bricks and missing mortar. Not only is it unsightly it’s just another source for water to do its damage. Assess the roof, siding and foundation. Your looking for lifted or missing shingles, roof tiles, and siding. Is water settling around your foundation or any visible cracks?


Water Damage Is Avoidable


While it’s important to keep water from entering your home, most of us can agree we want to keep the critters out too! Check for and seal any openings that may be an inviting entry for anything from bugs to rodents to larger animals like raccoons or possums. Check around the doors and windows for any gaps that can be sealed with caulking.


Now is the time of year to reseed your lawn if it’s looking patchy. If you’re thinking of selling, your lawn is a major part of a buyer’s first impression. You want to make a good one and this is a simple fix.


We live in paradise but that doesn’t mean we’re in the clear when it comes to freezing temperatures. Turn off exterior faucets and irrigation systems in the event of a possible freeze. Water can be destructive in all forms and frozen plumbing is a costly repair!


Let’s Head Inside


Moving inside you’ll want to check your attic and crawl spaces for moisture and water damage, especially after a good rain. Throughout the house, check faucets and water supply valves for leaks and/ or corrosion, as well as the water heater. Check caulking around all of your plumbing fixtures to prevent water from being trapped.


Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. If you have a chimney, consider hiring a professional to inspect and clean it. You may also want to hire a professional to check your furnace and HVAC system. Be sure to replace your furnace filter and clear away anything blocking the return air vent.


Easy Maintenance Can Be Done In One Weekend


Locate your circuit breaker panel and test each circuit along with all GFCI outlets. Lastly, clean your dryer vent. According to FEMA.gov 2,900 home clothes dryer fires are reported each year, resulting in death and injury, and causing $35 million in property loss. Click the link for more information about dryer vent safety: FEMA.gov

With the right equipment and a good partner our checklist is something you can easily wrap up in a weekend. Home maintenance isn’t always on the top of our to do list but it will bring you peace of mind knowing needed repairs have been made; maintaining your home’s value. Click the Fall Home Checklist below to print your copy today.


Kurvin Residential Fall Home Checklist