Best Sarasota Neighborhoods For Halloween


Top Neighborhoods to Trick or Treat in Sarasota


Costume parties, Jack o Lanterns, black cats and bats. Halloween is right around the corner! Do you have your costumes ready? It’s all my kids have been talking about… For months. Of course, stores like Target and Walmart have had decorations up for months. Elaborate displays of haunted houses and aisle after aisle of candy, costumes and spooky decor. My first grader and I spent about an hour testing every “press here” button on each haunted phone, crystal ball, pumpkin and creepy door knocker at our local Target. It’s impossible to not be excited, when you’re hanging out with a six year old.


If you’re new to Sarasota or just looking for the motherlode of candy and Halloween Spirit, I’ve compiled 5 great Trick or Treating spots that are sure to fill your kids’ buckets and satisfy their excitement. Be sure to wear your walking shoes and bring some extra water because it’s always hot on Halloween!

#5 Colonial Oaks


Situated just north of Webber Street between Honore Avenue and Cattlemen Road is Colonial Oaks. There are a lot of houses that participate, with some pretty fantastic decorations. A lot of off street parking and plenty of sidewalks make this one of our top picks.

#4 Siesta Cove


Located on the east side of beautiful Siesta Key is a small neighborhood called Siesta Cove. Overlooking Robert’s Bay, with two entrances off Midnight Pass Road. A mixture of early 80’s contemporary homes and newer Key West and Modernist homes this neighborhood is as much fun for the parents as the kids. Beautiful tropical foliage decked out with amazing lights and decorations; this little community considers Halloween a National Holiday. Some residents have reported handing out over 1,400 pieces of candy!

#3 Colonial Gables


Not far from Colonial Oaks is the neighborhood of Colonial Gables. Just south of Webber Street and east off Honore Avenue you’ll find tons of houses decked out with smoke machines, giant spider webs and plenty of sidewalks to keep off the street. I’ve been told there is a house that serves hot dogs and hamburgers! I’m sold!

#2 Arlington Park


Our first time Trick or Treating in Sarasota was in Arlington Park. I love everything about this neighborhood. Beautiful homes with mature landscaping and shade trees and picket fences everywhere. Residents have embraced Halloween with tiny graveyards set up in front yards and tons of lights to attract candy seekers. On Hillview Street you may still find the house that hands out homemade cotton candy. Be sure to get there early to find parking. This is an older neighborhood and the roads are not very wide. Parking can be tricky but it’s worth it!

#1 Cedar Hollow


My top choice for Trick or Treating is Cedar Hollow. Located across from Fruitville Elementary on Honore Avenue, Cedar Hollow has two entrances. Plenty of parking and tons of houses with nice wide roads make this a top destination for families. You’ll see tractors pulling homemade hayrides and over the top decorations. Keep an eye out for the haunted house on Bunyan Place, it’s a favorite of the neighborhood. Over on Indian Mound an entire disco, equipped with a DJ, draws tons of Trick or Treaters. Quite a few homes have their commercial popcorn machines going, a nice alternative to the endless supply of candy.

Basic Rules For Trick or Treating


  • Remember, if the lights are off it’s a pretty good sign that they’re not handing out candy.


  • Yell Trick or Treat loud enough for the folks inside to hear.


  • Keep an eye out for the little ones. It’s exciting to get to the next house but try not to run!


  • Be respectful of the neighborhood you choose to Trick or Treat in. Don’t park in peoples’ yards or block driveways and collect your trash.


  • My most serious piece of advice that should not be taken lightly. Be sure to inspect your kids’ candy for anything suspicious. I can’t stress this enough, if you find candy corn, throw that stuff away. Seriously, it’s just gross.